Rescued Painting - Songs of Solomon

Rescued Painting - Songs of Solomon

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When you know your person is the one, you celebrate that love, heart soul and spirit.

This rescued painting went from being tossed aside and unwanted, to being a beautiful reminder and gift ready for the love story of a lifetime, and the home of that love story.

This rescued painting is about finding the one you love.  

LOVE is made to be given away, but people are not.  The love of your life is never negotiable.

Love knows no religion, love knows only the heart and soul of another. 

A perfect wedding gift, anniversary gift, Valentine's Day gift, or Christmas gift for that special someone or that special couple.  

The textures and the colors really reached deep into me and I thought of how that special love specifically for us reaches us so deep down inside as well.  The motion of the texture in the paint feels somewhat rough yet like the movement of water, of action, of constant change.  Much like love:  always in motion, in action, changing and making changes in soft yet constant movement.

You might not believe in one person being meant for one person.  I am not sure how I feel about that, but I do know that when we meet someone who is for us, we know it.  When we find someone, or someone finds us, who our soul loves, our spirit loves, our Love loves, we know it.  I spent most of my years not praying but eventually came to understand that prayers of love were a thing. With or without a Bible, & regardless of religion or faiths or belief systems, praying for the ones we love, and praying for their well-being, for their hearts and for their lives, is always appropriate. 

If you are not one to pray, just being thankful and honoring the one you love, continually, without ceasing, is an homage to love itself.

Who is the one your soul loves?  Whose soul is matched with yours? 

From Songs of Solomon 3:4.  


*This is an unframed painting.  It is 16x20 stretched canvas on wood frame.